Kiama Lighthouse

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My partner and I had been on the road for about 2 weeks, finally on our way home after a road trip to Victoria for New Years Eve. We took our time camping our way back along the coastal drive from Vic back to our hometown in Sanctuary Point on the NSW South Coast.
Nearly home and I'm watching the clouds build, I ask my partner to jump on her phone and check the rain radar. Yep definitely storms building and heading our way.
We reach the our exit off the highway and keep going, we weren't ready to go home yet anyway. We get to Kiama and head to a lookout with a clear view South down the coast. A dark line of storms is rolling up the coast as the sun begins to set. Bursts of lightning everywhere. I shot from here for a while until we saw another storm front coming in from the west straight at us! We packed up and drove to Kiama Lighthouse. We weren't fast enough! As we arrived and ran down the stair to the blowhole others were running the other way. Lightning bolts exploding around us. It was one of the scariest storms I've experienced. We get to the lookout and setup, facing west there are lightning strikes everywhere, all around and some extremely close and frighteningly loud. We snap a few shots before we decide that it's actually way to dangerous to be where we are right now!!! I pack my stuff up and run for the car. Just before we get there a burst of wind comes crashing through throwing leaves everywhere, shortly behind it the rain! From no rain to torrential in 0.003 seconds. Luckily we were meters from the car. We get the car open get my gear out of the rain then ourselves and sit and watch as lightning explodes around us and the sound of rain is deafening on the car roof only the loudest claps of thunder ca we hear. We breath a sigh of relief while still hoping the car doesn't get hit by lightning. The image above was captured as soon as it stopped raining and i could get a shot as the storm moved out to sea. What's your most exciting storm experience?

Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt PhotoRag

Option for prints to be mounted. Black and Off-White available.
Prints will be mounted with a 0.5mm white border between the print and matboard, 1cm at the bottom to display signature and print number.

Framing available, contact for options and pricing.

Kiama Lighthouse Kiama Lighthouse

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