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My most technical image to date.

3 Hours of shooting, 14 days(Well around 60-70hours) of post processing and a month of planning.
This is 106 images, shot at 50mm and stitched into one big panorama.
4m wide and 2.1m tall. (Technically not a panoramic by ratio but meh)

f/3.5 10seconds ISO 3200 Canon nifty 50mm prime lens.

Foreground and Lighthouse ruins illuminated using Low Level Lighting.

I found this spot a month prior to this shoot and did a few test shots after an attempt to shoot another location was foiled by high tide.
It was super spooky being here by myself, something about the ruins as normally I am ok at night but when I found this place I was really jumpy.
I returned for the shoot with my partner on the premise she would be helping me with lighting (which she did) but also keeping me company ☺
We read all the placards and signs about the place when we were leaving and found that there had been many deaths here and the one that stood out was the lighthouse keeper being eaten alive by a shark in front of his son on the rocks below. The spookiness may have had something to do with all of that!

Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt PhotoRag

Option for prints to be mounted. Black and Off-White available.
Prints will be mounted with a 0.5mm white border between the print and matboard, 1cm at the bottom to display signature and print number.

Framing available, contact for options and pricing.

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